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Convert Pro Addons

Version 1.0.2
License GPL
Developer Convert Pro
Released 11/29/2017

Convert Pro Addons Plugin comes with additional features that you may want to use on your website. This Addons Plugin includes

  • Convert Pro Connects Addon
  • Convert Pro Analytics Addon
  • Convert Pro Advanced Script Addon
  • Convert Pro A/B Test Addon
  • Convert Pro Grid Addon

You can activate these addons individually after installing the Convert Pro Addon.

As Convert Pro comes with 5 advanced addons that can be activated and deactivated as per your needs. The each addon featured as follows:

Convert Pro Connects Addon : This addon allows you to integrate Convert Pro with external third party email marketing service providers and autoresponders that can be used to store and manage leads.

Convert Pro Analytics Addon : This addon allows you to integrate Convert Pro with Google Analytics, so that you can track conversions using analytics and import the analytics data into your WordPress backend.

Convert Pro Advanced Script Addon : This addon allows you to add additional scripts on certain events such as form submission, close popup and more.

Convert Pro Grid Addon : On activating this addon, you’ll see grid lines appear in the editor giving you a clearer view to create accurate designs with perfect measurements.

Convert Pro A/B Test Addon : This addon allows you to compare two or more call-to-actions with each other to see which works best.

Before proceeding to activate the addons, you need to first install the Convert Pro Addon plugin.

Once installed, you can activate your desired addon by clicking on the activate button seen besides it.

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