ZoomFolio – WordPress Portfolio Plugin 4.8.0

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ZoomFolio – WordPress Portfolio Plugin

Version 4.8.0
License GPL
Developer Code Canyon
Released 11/29/2016


WordPress Portfolio Intro

ZoomFolio – WordPress Portfolio Plugin is an ultimate tool for displaying your creative portfolio to your clients and that’s not all. You can use it to show the recent posts from your blog or a gallery from your vacation. The possibilities are endless.

The backend helps you do just that in a easy way. Uses the WordPress’s Custom Post Types for you to create Portfolio items in the WordPress intuitive way. It’s based on shortcodes, but there is zero effort to understand how you customize it because there is a intuitive Shortcode Generator bundled that does just that for you.


  • easy to install – install and get this plugin ready in less then one minutes.
  • responsive – looks great from mobile to HD
  • flexible – can be used to work as a Recent Posts showcase
  • RTL support – use right to left layouts with no problem
  • shortcode generator – customize skins, categories to show and others via the shortcode generator
    • awesome graphics
    • zoom on photos function
  • CSS3 technology – this gallery uses cutting-edge css3 definitions to render awesome 3D effects in supporting browsers, the others will degrade gracefully
  • compatible with all major browsers, including IE – compatible from IE7 to IE10, Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • SEO friendly – built with search engine optimization on mind from the ground up, the Testimonial Rotator uses non hidden valid html markup to build the widget
  • custom light box – be different from the others. This plugin uses all custom code to deliver the fitting experience.
  • iPhone / iPad optimized – this gallery has been optimized for Apple touch devices
  • Android optimized – this component has been tested on Android 4.0 and works awesome
  • project gallery – you can have a gallery for
  • WooCommerce support – showcase your WooCommerce products in a fashionable way with ZoomFolio
  • ten skins – 10 ( TEN ) skins to choose from to match your site and brading. each can be customized with custom layouts and settings
  • example generator – with so many possible configurations we think the best way is to provide sample configurations which you can install with just 3 clicks and you can latter edit to your purpose
  • YARPP support – easy way to add related posts / portfolio items to ZoomFolio items via Yet Another Related Posts Plugin support

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