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Version  1.1.9
License GPL
Developer WPMU DEV
Released 09/05/2017

WPMU DEV MULTISITE PRIVACY Plugin adds network wide privacy levels and allows you to decide whether users can override them.

Add four more levels of privacy that you control across every sites on an entire network – or allow users to override them.

More levels, greater control

This plugin gives you full control over privacy on your network.

It’s everything you’ll need, plus a whole lot more:
  • Adds four new privacy options to Settings > Privacy in the site admin dashboard.
  • Choice of which privacy options are made available to your users!
  • Hassle free interface.  Changing privacy across your network is as simple as updating your settings in the network admin dashboard.
  • Ability to let users select their preferred privacy option when signing up for their new site.
  • Control the default privacy setting of all new sites created on your network.
  • Easily update the privacy settings of all site across your entire network at the same time!
  • Control users ability to override default privacy settings
  • Works perfectly with Multisite and BuddyPress.
  • Use this plugin on any WordPress project you like.
Here’s your four new privacy options:
  1. Allow any registered users on the network to view site.
  2. Allow only subscribers or users of the site to view it.
  3. Allow access to only administrators of the site – great for testing purposes.
  4. Require a single password to access the site – allowing only those you want to view the site but without the need for them to have a user account!

Smart settings

Toggle options in the admin dashboard for quick setup.

Multisite Privacy gives you more control without the hassle of setting up a full membership plugin.


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