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Original File downloaded from developer site and being distributed. Also provide one year updates.

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License GPL
Developer WPMU DEV
Released 10/29/2015

Offer sites with unlimited and different domain options on a single Multisite installation. All the perks without the hassle.

WPMU DEV MULTI-DOMAINS Plugin adds the power to operate multiple primary domain names on a single WordPress Multisite network.

It’s like having multiple networks on one Multisite installation – but better.

More Network URLs to Choose From

Give users the ability to choose a network domain that relates to their business, site or service or let users easily create a niche blog and select a content relevant URL.

Add full domain control and flexibility without creating a new network.

Global Login Sync

Enable single sign-on sync and pass from site to site without having to login everytime you change domains.

Provide fast user access to all the content on your network.

More Name Options

Automated page configuration and a powerful single-settings page have Multi-Domains working perfectly out-of-the-box.

Add domains using the domain manager and the new host URL options will be automatically added to the Site Sign-up form.

Level-Up With Domain Mapping and New Blog Template

Integrate Multi-Domains with Domain Mapping and offer your users a completely custom url.

Plus, with New Blog Templates you can set unique default themes for each host domain.

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