WooCommerce Gift Certificates Pro 3.5.36

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WooCommerce Gift Certificates Pro

Version 3.5.36
License GPL
Developer IgniteWoo
Released 08/02/2017

WooCommerce Gift Certificates Pro allows you to sell gift certificates and gift cards and/or store credits and vouchers in your online store, in any denomination that you want – or you let the shopper set their own amount.

Unquestionably the best and most powerful gift certificates and gift cards plugin available for WooCommerce, and worth every penny.

And, easy to use – check out this WooCommerce Gift Certificates Pro features:

  • Sell gift certificates as standalone products, or as an added bonus to an existing product.
  • Optionally let your shoppers set the amount of the gift certificate they want to purchase, and you optionally define a minimum amount.
  • Optionally configure your gift certificate products as product variations for shoppers to easily pick an amount pre-defined by you.
  • Optionally add gift certificates / store credit / coupon codes to any product, and when someone buys that product they automatically receive the related voucher codes.
  • You set the voucher type and all other parameters  — just like creating a WooCommerce store coupon.
  • Voucher codes are automatically generated and issued to the buyer as soon as an order is marked as Processing or Completed, depending on which setting you choose.
  • Voucher codes are totally unique codes – for increased security.
  • Optionally supply your own list of voucher codes to be used when generating new vouchers – great for Point of Sale (POS) system integration!
  • One unique voucher code is generated for each quantity of an associated product. So for example, if you create a product specifically to sell gift certificates, or you offer a gift certificate with the purchase of an existing product, or offer a coupon code with the purchase of an item, and a person puts 3 of those items in their cart, checks out, and pays for the order, then 3 unique gift voucher codes are generated and delivered via email.
  • Buyers have the option of receiving the voucher codes themselves or having those codes delivered to the recipient of their choice — all via ermail, instantly
  • When shoppers purchase multiple vouchers they can opt to email them directly to multiple recipients using simple form fields on the checkout page
  • Voucher form fields on the checkout page form fields can be fully customized
  • Each shopper’s My Account page has a list of all available vouchers along with type, amount, and other associated data
  • Manage all your voucher codes from the WooCommerce coupons interface.
  • Optionally set your coupon/discount related voucher codes for single one-time use, or allow them to be used multiple times.
  • Optionally set your gift certificates / store credits to automatically be deleted when the balance reaches zero.
  • Optionally set your gift certificates / store credits to expire on a specific date.
  • Optionally set the number of days after purchase that your gift certificates / store credits ( and coupons ) expire.
  • Optionally set your gift  certificates / store credits so that they can only be used by the buyer. Otherwise anyone with the voucher code can use it.
  • Set your own voucher code prefixes, which helps you easily determine which codes are related to which product sales.
  • With WooCommerce Gift Certificates Pro you control all product settings in an easy-to-use custom meta box available on the WooCommerce product editor page.
  • Customize your certificates to fit your brand by editing the included email template and adjusting plugin settings.
  • Customize many aspects of the email template right from your WordPress dashboard by adjusting the plugin settings. For example, change the message subject, header text, and more.
  • Optionally enable the PDF vouchers feature to create totally custom gift certificates, gift cards, and vouchers. The plugin comes with a complete Voucher Template editor to create a nearly unlimited array of styles. Attach any number of voucher styles to a product and buyers can select the style they prefer. Great for selling gift certificates for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions!
  • Optionally include QR Codes in your gift certificates / vouchers. Great for issuing printed certificates for  purchases in a street-front  store.
  • Optionally insert barcodes into your PDF vouchers – great for integrating into a Point of Sale (POS) system!
  • Powerful reporting interface lets you generate a list of all codes issued to date. Report data includes code, buyer, order number, date of purchase, type of voucher, amount of voucher, and recipient information. And, you can easily search within a report to find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, you can export your reports to CSV, Excel, PDF, clipboard, or print – all with one click of a button!
  • Preview your email template right from your WordPress dashboard – without having to place a test order first.
  • Preview your PDF voucher styles right from your WordPress dashboard – without having to place a test order first.
  • View voucher numbers, voucher recipients, and voucher balance directly from within an order.
  • Update voucher balances directly from within an order.
  • Optionally use your own custom voucher codes
  • Complete support for UTF-8 characters in vouchers
  • Optionally disable sending vouchers via email. Great for companies that want to use regular mail to deliver vouchers
  • Optionally generate a custom PDF gift certificate voucher any time, useful when you want to send gift certificate by postal mail
  • And more!

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