Thrive Ovation Testimonial Plugin 2.0.6

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Thrive Ovation

Version 2.0.6
License GPL
Developer Thrive Themes
Released 12/14/2017

Set-and-Forget Testimonial Plugin for WordPress

Thrive Ovation is the Easiest Way to Start Taking Advantage of One of the Most Underestimated Conversion Boosters

Before Publishing Your Sales Page, You Must Do This..

You’re almost done writing your sales page.

You spent hours writing a headline, addressing pain points and crafting the perfect offer.

Now finally…
the last thing to do is… add testimonials.

Of course, you do not have product-specific testimonials yet, but you remember Sally’s email.

A few months ago, she sent a message with a lot of praise about how working with you helped to achieve her goal.

You decide to dig up that email and copy Sally’s words.

While reading the email, you start to wonder.

Does she want to be showcased publicly on my website?

You hesitate, should you send a message and ask her? That feels a bit off, several months after she send you this email. And even if you did, should you then also ask her for a photo? Or should you wait until she accepts and ask later?

This will take days.

Days you don’t have, you were planning on publishing your sales page today.​

While searching for a different solution, a light bulb goes off.

I’ll use comments people left on my blog, you think. You bypass the “privacy” problem and might even have their picture already.

Off you go, screening your WordPress comments.

One hour later, you’re discouraged. You found some comments saying “Great stuff” and “Love your work” but these wouldn’t even convince your mum to buy from you.

Let’s just publish that sales page, you say to yourself, I’ll add the testimonials later.

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