Templatera Addon 1.1.12 – Visual Composer Plugin

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Templatera Addon

Version 1.1.12
License GPL
Developer CodeCanyon
Released 03/09/2017

Templatera Addon – powerful template manager add-on for Visual Composer Page Builder plugin.

Templatera Addon From creators of Visual Composer comes well-crafted native add-on for most beloved page builder of WordPress. Templatera allows you to create, manage and set control access to your templates based on user roles or page post types.

Manage templates from one place and instantly see changes without digging into each individual piece of layout. Create a set of pre-defined content blocks (pieces) and use them at any place of your site. Forget about back and forth page updating – it is all taken care of. Magically! And yes, you can easily edit them whenever you wish!

When you install Templatera, then new content element “Templatera” will automatically appear in your Visual Composer element menu. New “Templatera” content element allows you to place pre-built templates as independent blocks on your pages. When you modify your template, all pages that use “Templatera” block will be populated with new content automatically. Awesome!

Ever wanted to take your designed templates to another site? Now you can. Import/export templates in few clicks with built in import/export function of Templatera.

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