Sell Media Plugin 2.4.1 by Graph paper Press

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Sell Media Plugin

Version  2.4.1
License GPL
Developer Graph Paper Press
Released 10/01/2017

Sell Photos, Prints & Artwork from your website

Sell Media is a WordPress plugin that allows anyone to sell photos, prints or any other digital media directly from your website. The following documentation will help get you rolling so you can start selling your work online.

Getting Involved

Sell Media is an open-source project. Feedback and collaboration are highly encouraged!

  1. Roadmap – Follow along on our public roadmap on Trello.
  2. Bugs – Find a bug? Report it on our GitHub issue tracker.
  3. Feature Requests – Have a feature request? Email it to us .
  4. Translations – Translate the plugin to new languages and email us the translation file.


  1. You must have a website. Need one? Get a website.
  2. You must have WordPress installed on your website.
  3. You must run your website on an Apache server. You most likely do.
  4. You must have the GD Image Library installed on your server. You most likely do. If not, ask your web host to install it.
  5. You must have PHP Sessions configured on your server. You most likely do. If not, ask your web host to install it.
  6. You must have a PayPal account to accept online payments. You can also use Stripe.
  7. Important! Starting June 2017 Paypal will require a SSL certificate.

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