Product Gallery Slider for wooCommerce 1.5.1

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Product Gallery Slider for wooCommerce

Version 1.5.1
License GPL
Developer Code Canyon
Released 01/27/2016

Product Gallery Slider for wooCommerce is a plugin that allows site owners to display a nice touch friendly product slider on your product pages. When you have a large number of images to display and prefers the description to be visible with the images then this is the way to go. It hides the standard wooCommerce lightbox. Simple plug and play operation. Try various sizes of the gallery to match it with your theme. The slide show plugin now offers the ability to add vertical thumbnails as well.

If necessary you can easily override the standard styles by writing your own in the style.css. Just write a bit more specific style. Plugin does not work with product variations just yet.

Two Display Options

Documentation is inside the package.

Product Gallery Slider for wooCommerce


  • Responsive
  • Hides default wooCommerce lighbox
  • Touch friendly
  • Auto play On/Off
  • Set width/height – A higher number will push the gallery to it’s own block (standard: 300×300)
  • Orientation settings
  • Slider duration set
  • Pause on hover
  • Autoplay interval
  • Arrow key navigation
  • Thumbnail display settings
  • Lightbox effect for even larger image sizes

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