Media Translation 2.2.2 – WordPress Multilingual

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Media Translation Plugin

Version 2.2.2
License GPL
Developer WordPress Multilingual
Released 01/02/2018

The Media Translation module manages media attachments like images so that you can re-use the same media files on translated posts while still translating their title and related fields.

When you translate content that includes attachments, such as images, audio or video files, you might want to use the exact same media files in different languages. The Media Translation module lets you easily reuse the same files contained in your content, in different languages.

Goal is to display the same image gallery, with translated captions, in the translated page.

First, be sure to install WordPress Multilingual Media Translation (part of both Multilingual Blog and Multilingual CMS packages). You can get the plugin on your Account’s Download page. Once installed, there is nothing to configure.


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