Gravity Forms Media Library 1.0.10

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Gravity Forms Media Library

Version 1.1.10
License GPL
Developer Gravity Perks
Released 09/05/2017

Upload your files from Gravity Forms to the WordPress Media Library and Advanced Custom Fields. Gravity Forms Media Library Plugin enhances Gravity Forms with the ability to automatically import uploaded files (images, documents, etc.) to the WordPress Media Library when the form is submitted.

Gravity Forms Media Library Features:

Automatically Upload Files to Media Library
A simple, one-click option on your Gravity Forms File Upload fields and any file uploaded from that field will be imported into the WordPress Media Library.

Single and Multi-file Uploads Supported
Need to upload multiple files at one time? No problem!

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Support
Automatically integrates with any ACF-powered Image or File custom field.

Display Image Thumbnails
Use auto-generated image merge tags to pull the exact size of the image you’d like to display.

Seamless, Easy-to-use UI
Integrates directly with Gravity Forms field settings. Activate this feature with a single click.

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