Gravity Forms Live Preview 1.2.7

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Gravity Forms Live Preview

Version 1.2.7
License GPL
Developer Gravity Perks
Released 07/09/2017

Preview your Gravity Forms on the frontend of your site. Gravity Forms Live Preview Plugin provides an easy method for previewing your forms as they will appear on the live site. No longer do you need to create a new post, configure the Gravity Forms shortcode, and publish the page to see how the form will look on the frontend. Just click the handy “Live Preview” option in your Gravity Forms toolbar.

GP Live Preview also provides several features that make testing your form a breeze and debugging just shy of enjoyable.

Gravity Forms Live Preview Features:

Preview Forms on the Live Site
Stop wasting time setting up pages to see how your forms will look on the live site. One-click preview link right on the Gravity Forms toolbar.

Unrequire Required Fields
Save time testing your Gravity Forms by making required fields optional in preview (also skips reCAPTCHA).

Preview with AJAX Enabled
Gravity Forms’ default preview doesn’t support AJAX. Live Preview supports AJAX out-of-the-box.

Debug Hidden Fields
Show all hidden fields in your form without having to remove classes or change field types. Makes debugging a breeze.

Speed up Gravity Form Development Time
Working with Gravity Forms a lot? This perk is guaranteed to save you a ton of time.

Seamless, Easy-to-use UI
Integrates directly with the Gravity Forms toolbar. A single click activates the preview.

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