Gravity Forms Expand Textareas 1.0.4

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Gravity Forms Expand Textareas

Version 1.0.4
License GPL
Developer Gravity Perks
Released 04/13/2017

The Gravity Forms Expand Textareas perk makes working with textareas in the Gravity Forms Form Editor much easier by launching an expanded textarea in a modal window. The expanded textarea is much larger, increasing the readability and ease-of-use when working with larger amounts of content.

How does it work?

By default, this perk adds an “Expand Textarea” button to specific set of field setting textareas that would most benefit from having the expanded textarea (specifially the “HTML Content”, the Calcuation “Formula”, and the Post Body “Content Template” textareas). Clicking the “Expand Textarea” button launches the Expand Textareas modal for easy editing.

How do I enable this functionality?

Enabling the default functionality is very easy. Simply install and activate the Expand Textareas perk and “Expand Textarea” button will appear directly below the default textareas. Clicking this button will launch the textarea in a modal window. Add or modify the textarea content and click the “Insert” button to preserve your changes to the textarea.

Additional Settings

There are a couple additional options that can be configured from this perk’s “Settings” page. This perk’s global settings are available by navigating to the Manage Perks page, finding the GP Expand Editor Textareas perk on this page, and click in the “Settings” link below the perk title.

Add expand option for all textareas

By default the “Expand Textarea” button is only added to a few much needed textareas. Enable this option to make the “Expand Textarea” button appear for all Form Editor textareas.

Expand textarea when you click inside the textarea

By default, you must click the “Expand Textarea” button to expand the textarea. Enable this option to automatically launch the expanded textarea modal when you click on the textarea to edit.


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