Final Tiles WordPress Gallery Plugin 3.3.11

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Final Tiles WordPress Gallery Plugin

Version 3.3.11
License GPL
Developer Code Canyon
Released 09/05/2017

Final Tiles WordPress Gallery Plugin is a WordPress gallery plugin with 2 available layouts: Final Tiles (mixed image sizes) and Masonry (same image size). Now it supports also WordPress albums!

One of the most popular WordPress photo gallery on CodeCanyon!

  • Unique and custom grids
  • Video ? embed from YouTube and Vimeo
  • 7 lightboxes included
  • Responsive ? mobile-friendly layout
  • Caption effects ? including animation

Are you looking for a WordPress gallery plugin that lets you build your portfolio or gallery exactly as you imagine it? A breathtaking gallery that isn?t restricted to simple squares, rows or columns?

Welcome to Final Tiles Grid Gallery.

Final Tiles Grid gallery is a smart WordPress portfolio plugin that thinks outside the box. Powered by a brand new grid algorithm, Final Tiles offers an easy way to create a WordPress portfolio gallery using personalized images and custom aspect ratios. You?ll have a lot of fun creating your own unique galleries that make a huge impact. Try our demo to see for yourself or download our license to get started today.

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