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EDD Slack Extension

Version 1.0.0
License GPL
Developer Easy Digital Downloads
Released 09/22/2017

At Easy Digital Downloads, we use Slack all day, every day. Slack is an incredibly powerful and easy to use real time chat application and we’re huge fans. This EDD Slack Extension integration between Easy Digital Downloads and Slack makes it incredibly simple for your online store and your team’s communication tool to work together.


Customizable notifications

An unlimited number of notifications from your EDD store can be configured and sent into your Slack team’s channels. Each notification can have its own defined trigger, message content, icon, dynamic values and more. Default triggers include:

  • New user registered
  • Purchase completed
  • Purchase failed
  • Discount code applied

Integration with other popular EDD extensions

This Slack integration does more than just work with a vanilla digital store. It also includes special features for when these other popular extensions are active:

  • Software Licensing
  • Frontend Submissions
  • Commissions
  • Purchase Limit
  • Fraud Monitor
  • Recurring Payments
  • Reviews

When any of these extensions are active, new triggers and dynamic strings will become available for notifications. These new triggers include:

  • License key activated
  • License key deactivated
  • New license key generated
  • License upgraded
  • Purchase limit reached
  • New commission
  • New vendor application
  • New vendor product
  • Vendor product edited
  • New review
  • New vendor feedback
  • New suspected fraudulent purchase
  • New recurring subscription
  • Subscription cancelled

Interactive buttons

An integration with Slack and your digital store doesn’t have to be one direction only. It is also now possible to send commands from Slack back to your EDD site! With interactive buttons, notifications sent to your Slack channel will include an option for you to take action immediately from Slack without having to login to your site.

Currently supported buttons include:

  • New comment on download: Approve or Mark as Spam
  • New vendor application (requires Frontend Submissions): Approve or Reject
  • New vendor submission (requires Frontend Submissions): Approve or Reject
  • New vendor product edit (requires Frontend Submissions): Approve or Reject

Plus more buttons planned for future releases!

Slash Commands

Slack comes with a lot of amazing features and this integration with Easy Digital Downloads takes advantage of more than a few. One unique and powerful feature is Slash Commands. Slash Commands in Slack allow for a command to be entered and a custom response to be returned.

The EDD Slack extension currently supports the following Slash Commands:

  • /edd help – returns a list of all available commands and their parameters.
  • /edd sales {period} – returns a sales summary for the given period (today, yesterday, this_month, last_month, etc.)
  • /edd version – Outputs the current version of Easy Digital Downloads.
  • /edd discount –  Outputs information about a Discount Code. This can also be used to create new Discount Codes.
  • /edd customer – Outputs information about a Customer.

These commands and the many more which are coming in future updates will allow useful data to be instantly retrieved right within Slack.

Automated Team Invites

Have you ever considered engaging your customers or vendors directly with a private Slack community? Well now you can! EDD Slack includes a feature for automatically inviting customers and vendors to your private Slack team. This makes it possible to effectively sell access to a private Slack group!

When configured, customers will see an option to join your Slack team during the purchase process and vendors will during registration. It is also possible to manually invite vendors and customers while viewing their profiles right from your dashboard.

Note: Interactive buttons, Slash Commands and team invites require that your site have SSL enabled.


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