EDD PayPal Payments Advanced 1.1.1

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EDD PayPal Payments Advanced

Version  1.1.1
License GPL
Developer Easy Digital Downloads
Released 08/25/2017

Accept Credit Cards and PayPal directly on your WordPress site and offer a seamless checkout experience

This EDD PayPal Payments Advanced addon allows you to accept credit cards and PayPal payments directly on your site through your PayPal Payments Advanced account. When purchasing downloads through the PayPal Payments Advanced gateway, users enter their credit card details during the checkout process and never leave your site, resulting in a better experience for the user, and more successful conversions for you.

What is PayPal Payments Advanced?

Keep customers on your site for the entire checkout process without the full burden of protecting their financial data. In addition to a merchant account and gateway in one, PayPal provides you with a secure checkout template to integrate within your website for only $5 a month. Your customers won’t know that PayPal is processing their payment, making your business look more secure and professional.

Why PayPal?

The main reason I choose PayPal over any other processor is that 59 percent of my online sales have been processed using funds in a PayPal account. This number proves that buyers are familiar and comfortable with PayPal and the convenience that it offers for a seamless transaction.

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Important Notes:

  • PayPal Advanced has a unique setup process. Please consult the documentation for reference.
  • Only available within the US and Canada to holders of a PayPal Payments Advanced account.
  • The PayPal Payments Advanced gateways does not enable recurring billing.
  • Will not work with AUD as your base currency.

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